XT-1000 VMU 480 Compact Video Measurement System

XT-1000 VMU 480

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First time ever! An affordable compact video measurement system sold online at Scienscope-Products.com. The XT-1000 VMU is a 2-axis, compact, easy to use, cost effective desktop system for small part inspection. It is perfect for engineers, researchers, designers, and anyone inspecting small parts. This measurement system is ready to go out of the box for easy setup and use.

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XT-1000 VMU 480 Compact Video Measurement System

XT-1000 VMU 480 Compact Video Measurement System


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System includes measurement machine, measurement software, and PC.

Product Highlights:

  • Compact Desktop Video CMM
  • Economical & Cost Effective
  • Easy to use play and play system
  • High resolution digital color
  • Complete system

Key Features:

  • Compact Aluminum Alloy system
  • 1 Micron Resolution Optical Encoders
  • 1/2" Color 1.3 Mega pixel USB Camera
  • High resolution zoom lens with magnification detent
  • Quick lock/release X/Y Stage
  • Software controlled Quad LED top light
  • Collimated LED back light
  • Intuitive visually controlled software
  • Computer system & software included
  • 1 year warranty


1. Glass stage2. Built-in 1 micro resolution glass encoder scale (X/Y)
3. Y-axis stage move knob4. Collimated backlight
5. Y-Axis stage lock / quick release6. X-asis stage move knob
7. X-axis stage lock / quick release

Quad LED

The VMU Lite is easy to use geometric measurement software with single point edge detection. Measure circle, arc, angle, ellipse, B-spline curve, center point, distance, etc. As well, the system features multiple datums and image capture.


Software Features:

  • Program inspection sequence
  • Single or multi point edge detection
  • Large high resolution image
  • Image capture with annotation
  • Cross hair indicates edge transition
  • Measures point, line, circle, arc, angle, ellipse, B-splinecurv
  • Multiple datums
  • Quick & easy measurement
  • Import & export DXF files
  • Large live image screen
  • Computer system & software included

Measuring range / stage travel4 X 8
Z-axis travel, for focusing only3, above focusing on the glass
Stage load capacity22 lbs
Size overall18D x 17W x 25H
Weight of measuring unit60 lbs
Weight of PC/monitor21 lbs
Material, stage and frameAluminum
Standard magnification22X - 142X
Zoom lens0.7 - 4.5 detents for repeatable magnification settings
IlluminationQuad LED top & collimated back lighting
Power Supply100-127 / 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 6/3 amp
Stage encoder resolution1 ?m
Accuracy (X,Y) at 20 C(3 + L/200) ?m, L in mm
Repeat 1 ?m
Camera 1/2 color USB 1.3 mega pixel digital camera
ComputerComputer system & software included
Measurement softwareScienscope VMU Lite (PRO optional)
Mounting optionsCustomer table top (standard) or optioanl workstation table
Warranty1 year