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MACRO video zoom optics (up to 65x magnification with 8"" working distance) on an extended post stand with NEW high intensity LED ring light with polarizer (IL-LED-R3). Features NEW 1080p HDMI/USB camera (Includes SD card, USB cable and mouse) with 23"" HD LCD monitor and capture software.

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Microscope Body / Zoom LensMacro Zoom Lens
StandExtended Post Stand
Focus Mount AdapterE-ARM Adapter For MAC Lens
C-Mount Camera1080p HDMI/USB Camera
Light GuideHigh Intensity LED w/ Polarizer
Ring AdapterN/A
Auxiliary LensN/A
Video CouplerN/A
Monitor23" HDMI Widescreen LCD Color
Memory CardSD Card Included

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MACRO Video Lens Specifications
Focal Length (mm)8.5 - 90
Aperturef/2.5 - Closed
Zoom Ratio6:1 Parfocal
Iris ControlManual
Focus Zoom ControlManual
Video MountC-Mount
Camera Format1/2" or smaller

With "Close-Up" Lens Specifications:
Working DistanceField of View (mm)Magnification Range
7"124 - 12.269.9X - 61.9X
8"154.66 - 15.26.2X - 36.7X
9"185.33 - 18.265.1X - 30.5X
10"210.66 - 20.84.4X - 26.1X
11"234.66 - 23.24X - 23X
12"284 - 283.7X - 21.5X
Without "Close-Up" Lens Specifications:
Working DistanceField of View (mm)Magnification Range
24"406.66 - 34.321.9X - 11X
36"506.66 - 49.331.2X - 5X
48"760 - 74.660.9X - 5.3X